Tableau Training

Chad Skelton offers Tableau training workshops in Vancouver.

Chad's training teaches the fundamental skills necessary to use Tableau effectively to analyze and visualize your data. And, drawing on his years of experience as an award-winning data journalist, Chad also teaches the art of telling stories with data — from how to choose the right chart type to designing engaging Dashboards.

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Onsite training is also available.

Here's what some of the participants in Chad's training had to say about the experience:
“Chad’s workshop was a great blend of data visualization fundamentals and learning how to use Tableau. I'm now confident in being able to quickly and easily load datasets, do comparisons and tell stories through data visualization.”
Ian Staunton, Project Manager, KORE Software
“Chad is great at hitting all the high points of Tableau without getting mired in technical details. After taking this course, I'm able to make better, cleaner, and easier-to-use visualizations for our clients and the public.”
Kevin Whitlock, Project Manager, Landcor Data Corporation
“This was a very interesting workshop that made me want to find datasets to practice and play with.”
Karen Sawatzky
“I heard about Chad Skelton’s Tableau workshop from a colleague who urged me to attend. I was not disappointed. The small class was very manageable and the detailed handouts on everything we covered were a great resource. This workshop has given me the confidence to use Tableau to answer the questions I have about my data.”
Duncan Low, Ph.D.
“It's a great course that eases you into the world of data manipulation and visualization. Chad made it easy to learn. I dare you not to have several 'aha moments’ while taking the course. The amount of ideas I got while learning an entirely new skill set was fabulous!”
Paula Baker, Online Journalist, Global TV
“I went into this workshop not sure what to expect and came out with tons of ideas for using the skills we practiced. Chad’s deep understanding of Tableau means he knows which concepts and functions are vital for understanding Tableau’s possibilities”
Chris Keam, Freelance Writer and Video Producer, Archer Media Services
“I found Chad to be very effective in his teaching style: easygoing, a nice pace and good instructions. I now have a better understanding of Tableau and how I can use it in my job. This was a great investment of time and money.”
Diana Sutherland, Strategic HR Analyst, B.C. Government
“I would recommend Chad Skelton's Tableau training workshop to anyone who wants to learn practical, powerful tips for incorporating data visualization into their work. Besides providing participants with a strong starting point for using Tableau, Chad also provides ideas and suggestions for how to effectively analyze and visualize your data. The best part about Chad's workshop was that I finished the training feeling energized and excited about incorporating Tableau and data visualization into my work.”
Nevin Thompson, Audience engagement lead & Japan Editor, Global Voices
“Chad makes learning Tableau easy and accessible. He takes the time to answer all questions and to troubleshoot any problems on the spot so you don't fall behind. It is clear that he genuinely cares about the success of everyone taking his workshop.”
Amanda Oye, Student, York University
“I highly recommend taking Chad's Tableau training to anyone who wants to present their data in more compelling ways. Chad is a wonderful teacher. He was patient and easy to interact with and was able to quickly troubleshoot any problems people had. The best part of the workshop was the diversity of features we explored and sharing the experience with other people. I am now comfortable using Tableau in my day-to-day work.”
Kelsey Klassen, Former Digital Editor, Vancouver Courier
“I recommend anyone who works with data to take Chad Skelton’s workshop. I'm now armed with new tools and a new perspective.”
Grace Hon, Finning
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