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In the interests of keeping the testimonials on my Training page fresh, I will occasionally substitute an older testimonial for a newer one. When I do that, I'll put the old testimonial here. NOTE: Some of these testimonials refer to an earlier training session I did that included various software tools, not just Tableau.

“If you've ever considered using Tableau but don't know where to begin, this workshop is excellent. Chad goes over the basic skills you need to visualize your data effectively.”
Sarah Johnstone, GIS Analyst / Research Assistant, Spatial Vision Consulting
“The hands-on learning approach Chad uses in his workshop allows for increased mastery and retention of the material. I now feel confident using Tableau for data analysis and visualization.”
Elayne Vlahaki, Principal Consultant, Catalyst Consulting Inc.
“I gained a lot of insight into what is possible with Tableau and am now much more comfortable using it in my daily work. Chad’s workshop was well worth it!”
Audrey Foo, Web Project Manager, Red Rocket Creative
“This workshop is very good at giving you hands-on experience and practical examples of using visualization tools and making engaging graphics. Because of the workshop I am now comfortable using Tableau for visual analysis of data.”
Lucas Parker, Project Analyst - Evaluation, Doctors of BC
“I wasn't sure how much I could learn in two days, but we covered a lot. Although I had played with Tableau previously, I picked up some very useful information -- especially how to present data simply in a way that is easily digestible. I would definitely recommend this workshop to anyone who works with data.”
Amber Lin, Director - Digital Strategy, Binarystew
“Chad's course taught me how to use visualization tools to present data in a way that's meaningful to my readers.”
Jennifer Moreau, Reporter, Burnaby NOW
“Chad did an excellent job of explaining all of the material we covered. I came into this workshop with little to no knowledge of Excel and the use of data, so it was amazing to see how much I learned in the short period of two days. I would definitely recommend this workshop.”
Estefania Duran, Reporter, CKNW
“If you are interested in getting an introduction to data visualization, this workshop is a great way to get hands-on with the best currently available (and free) online tools. Chad is very passionate about data and communicates that to the class. And he’s very good about accommodating different skill levels and backgrounds.”
"Coming into this workshop, the idea of data visualization intimidated me. But Chad took all the fear away, keeping things simple and walking us through it step by step. I know I'm going to be able to apply what I learned immediately.”
Erica Bulman, Journalism Instructor, Langara College
"Fasten your seatbelts: It's a fast ride. But also a great way to explore how data presentation can be clean, elegant and useful.”
David Tracey, Executive Director, Tree City
“This workshop provides a great introduction to a variety of tools that can help you present information in ways beyond run-of-the-mill charts and graphs.”
Albert Huang, Project Analyst
“If you're looking for an exciting way to draw readers into stories often bogged down by numbers and stats, this is the course for you! I especially enjoyed using my own laptop because now I have all the tools available to me on my own device.”
Cayley Dobie, Reporter, New Westminster Record

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