“Chad's Tableau training combines well-crafted and easily digestible material with a wide range of hands-on exercises that explain the how and why of data visualization. Having honed his data skills in the demanding world of daily print journalism, Chad possesses an extensive arsenal of tricks and techniques both for finding data and for making data visualizations that engage and inform readers. Chad's training was well worth the investment!”
Timothy Renshaw, Managing Editor, Business in Vancouver

“Chad’s Tableau training was very informative, practical and hands on. He uses real examples to guide you through the many ways you can use Tableau and provides great tips on how to improve data visualization.”
Jean Bacon, Director, Health Policy and KTE, Ontario HIV Treatment Network

Vancouver Magazine worked with Chad to launch the city’s first-ever quantifiable neighbourhood ranking. We knew doing so meant playing with fire—and worse, local bragging rights—so our data had to be deep yet clear. Chad was able to tap authoritative sources and piece together a dataset jigsaw puzzle to create an interactive tool that attracted a record amount of visitors to our site and kept them engaged like never before.”
Tom Gierasimczuk, Publisher, Vancouver Magazine

“Chad’s presentation to our members on data visualization best practices and finding open data was insightful, practical, and interactive. We had lots of great feedback from attendees.”
Fiona Chiu, Continuing Education Director, Health Libraries Association of BC

“This training session was both inspirational and practical. Chad was able to provide an overview with tips and tricks, including many examples of his own work, that sparked ideas and enthusiasm among a cross section of our journalists. His specific and more technical work with a smaller advanced group greatly enhanced their skill set. Chad’s credibility as a journalist and his responsiveness and adaptability to the needs and questions of the group were great assets to the workshop.”
Alison Broddle, Executive Producer, Digital Content, CBC News Vancouver

“Chad makes things accessible, doable, and simple. A highly recommended data storyteller.”
SFU Professor Catherine Murray, co-organizer of the 
 President's Dream Colloquium on Engaging Big Data

“Chad is a knowledgeable and enthusiastic instructor who provided our members with a solid foundation in Tableau. The attendees praised his patient step-by-step instruction and teaching philosophy of 'hands-on learning.' He discussed best practices in data visualization and pointed out how and why things can go wrong. The participants appreciated the detailed handouts Chad provided to review post-workshop. Thank you Chad for an engaging and informative session.”
Carolyn Soltau, Vancouver Director, Special Libraries Association, Western Canada Chapter