Sunday, May 21, 2023

Using ChatGPT and the Noteable plugin for data analysis and visualization

I've been a bit obsessed with ChatGPT ever since it launched in late 2022.

I got even more excited when my friend Ben Jones posted a video of how ChatGPT's "Code Interpreter" plugin could do data analysis and visualization.

I signed up for ChatGPT's paid Plus version in the hopes of getting access to the Code Interpreter plugin myself. That hasn't happened yet. But then Noteable launched their own plugin, which every ChatGPT Plus user has access to, and it seemed to have much of the same functionality as the Code Interpreter.

I've been playing with the Noteable plugin pretty non-stop ever since. Most of my musings have been over on Twitter/X and Threads (I'm increasingly annoyed at Twitter's new leadership, and hope to leave it eventually, but for now I'm posting in both places). But I've also started making some YouTube videos walking through how the tool works.

For those who have abandoned Twitter or missed my tweets, I thought I'd collect my various ChatGPT/Noteable videos and threads here. I've embedded the first tweet in each thread. You can click on "Read the full conversation on Twitter" to have the complete thread for each open in a separate window.

As I do more Twitter threads and videos on ChatGPT and Noteable, I'll add them here.



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