Tableau training available in Vancouver

Chad Skelton offers public Tableau training workshops as well as onsite training delivered either in-person or online.

My next two-day Tableau training workshop is June 26 and 27 in downtown Vancouver. You can reserve your spot here.

Here are some testimonials for Chad's training.

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Chad's Tableau training teaches the fundamental skills necessary to use Tableau effectively to analyze and visualize your data. And, drawing on his years of experience as an award-winning data journalist, Chad also teaches the art of telling stories with data — from how to choose the right chart type to designing engaging Dashboards.

To learn more about onsite training, check out the Frequently Asked Questions page.

Onsite training can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization and the skill level of your employees. In addition to Tableau, you can add training in some of the other data skills listed below.

For more information and rates, email Chad at

Data Visualization Best Practices: An introduction to why we visualize data and how to do it well (or, "Why pie charts are evil").

Excel Basics: How to use sorting and filtering to pinpoint the data you're looking for as well as how to use basic functions and formulas.

Excel Pivot Tables: Gain additional insights into your data through simple but powerful aggregation tools in Pivot Tables.

Finding Data: There's a wealth of free data out there on government open-data portals but figuring out how to find the data you're looking for can be a chore. An insider's guide to how to find the data you need.

Data Cleaning: From getting data out of PDFs to cleaning up thousands of typos ("Vancuover"), learn tips for how to make data cleaning and reformatting fast and painless.

Data Journalism: Specially designed for news organizations: How to get into a "data state of mind" and come up with great data stories that will engage your audience and drive traffic to your website.